What We Do

Soundzipper is a Singapore based acoustics consultancy with one main goal; “making life sound better” through creative and holistic solutions to acoustic problems, considering not just equipment and technical requirements but also the intangible aspects of aesthetics and usability.

Assess, measure
and simulate

Explore and map out the acoustic characteristics of your space. Soundzipper provides noise assessment and electro-acoustic measurement services that allow you to make the best choices for your project. Understand how soundproof your walls are, quantify how accurate your sound system is and find out how quiet your space is by measuring its NC rating. Simulate your space and hear how it sounds even before it is built.

Design customized
acoustic solutions

Architectural acoustics, as part of holistic interior design, can give rise to positive effects on productivity levels, social behaviour, and even health and wellbeing. By understanding your purpose and aural requirements for each space, we can arrive at a clearly defined ideal sound experience that is comfortable for you, optimum to your needs.

optimum solutions

Soundproofing a room is often underrated. Installing absorbing materials may reduce internal echo problems but it doesn’t really work when you live next to a train station where the predominant noise is external noise infiltrating the space. Soundzipper designs spaces that block out the noise of urban living, giving you the peace and tranquillity you deserve.

How We Do It

Identifying acoustic
problems & design research

Contrary to conventional norms of standard soundproofing solutions, Soundzipper prefers to first investigate and understand existing or potential acoustical problems before proposing solutions specific to your space and needs. Noise assessments, electro-acoustic measurements and aural simulations are a key part of our observation and analysis of environmental conditions, enabling us to make objective recommendations.

Scientific calculations
& technical drawings

Soundzipper’s recommendations on the selection of soundproofing and acoustic materials for each project are based on calculations of theoretical Sound Transmission Class (STC) for wall/ceiling materials, theoretical absorption coefficients of materials used, reverb time from simulations, newfound knowledge in the field and valuable experience. We also provide technical design drawings such as vibration isolator design, if required, and construction drawings for all soundproofing related works.

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