We are always looking for talented new people

If you're passionate about acoustics, design or both, we're looking for you...

Open Positions

Technical Sales Buccaneer - Acoustic Materials

We have space for ye to sling yer hammock on board the Soundzipper. Our quest: to transport great acoustic products to new venues and make this world sound better.

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Administrative Coordinator

Soundzipper is looking for a Jolly Roger Administrative Coordinator to provide succour aboard the pirate ship Soundzipper for smooth sailing above and below decks!

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Architectural SketchUp Artist

Yar! Be ye an architectural artist? Have ye a background in architecture or interior design? Soundzipper needs ye to join our piratical acoustics crew.

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Marketing Activist Internship

Want to sail the seas of social media strategies? Soundzipper is looking for an able-bodied intern who will assist our on-board Marketing Activist through a structured weekly program.

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Architectural Acoustics Internship

The pirate ship Soundzipper seeks to conscript an intern / assistant for our on-board Principal Acoustics Captain. Yer task? To pillage and plunder the treasures of acoustics.

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Acoustics Consultant Pirate – Architectural & Building

Do you notice the wind in the sails, the creak of a ship’s timbers, and the continuous roar of the waves? Does the echo of a cannon off towering cliffs and the roll of distant thunder make you wonder how that sound can be replicated or improved?

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