Top Acoustic Engineer: Soundzipper Founder Adrian Lo

Acoustic Engineer

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Dreams can turn into reality as composer turned Acoustic Engineer braces to take over the acoustic world by storm creating a quieter change.

Acoustic engineer Adrian, 34, built a dream Sounzipper an acoustic consultancy for 6 years. While we all consider why we should invest in a consultant and which one we should hire, let us be inspired by his story for all those who dare to dream.


Q: What is your philosophy for acoustics?

A: I believe that the power of great ideas come from collaboration. As an acoustic engineer, we must be open to new input both from in and outside our firm. There has to be constant refining in designs and ideas by engaging with his external environment.

Q: As an acoustic engineer, what are your favourite past projects?

A: The project that I am most proud was The Analog Factory. Truthfully, it was the first full-fledged recording studio that I designed via collaboration with the client. We engaged an interior designer in developing a concept for the space. Every design you see was and hear was painstakingly thought out by Keith (the owner) and myself.

Acoustic Engineer

The freedom of trying new ideas ended up creating a new acoustic design by replacing the traditional studio fabric used to dress up acoustic treatment with an open mesh made from aluminium. Have a look at our portfolio, for instance, you can have a look at our other projects too.

Q: What makes you an expert in this field?

A: I wouldn’t call myself an expert in the field of acoustics. Many people believe that experience equates to expertise but what really happens is that experience creates more blind spots in our knowledge. This is precisely why I believe that Soundzipper, not myself is the true expert in this field.

Soundzipper’s acoustics consulting team is composed of individuals of varied experience and backgrounds. Each person has his or her own unique ideas and perspectives that they collaboratively bring together to create the expert solutions our clients need.

Q: What are your type of projects preferred?

A: Any project that breaks new ground and challenges me to improve myself.

Acoustic Engineer

Pre Project Discussion

Q: What makes him the go-to person for consulting?

Acoustic Engineer

On-site Inspection with the Team

A: I believe our clients refer other clients to us because they like the service we provide. Our goal is to continuously improve our acoustical consulting service and provide customer value even after the official handover of a project. Our relationship with our clients and ultimately the world is something that we are always aware of. We believe in giving generously, and luckily, our clients give back to us too.

Q: What is your main support and understanding of this industry?

A: The acoustics industry in Singapore is akin to a cottage industry. There are some international engineering firms working here, but mostly, acoustics is relegated to a side note in any major project. There is a misguided understanding that good acoustic design is only needed when the project is a theatre, factory, auditorium, recording studio or music related space.

Acoustic Engineer

Interview with Interior Designer’s during Sprint Methodology

It is unfortunate that developers and owners often do not allocate sufficient budget for acoustics and acoustics consulting. Due to the limited budget, the work done by acoustical consultants could be extremely transactional and scope driven leading to non-ideal outcomes for both. I do believe this is not the ideal way to approach things.

Q: What is your biggest achievement in Soundzipper.

Acoustic Engineer

Soundzipper Cohesion

Q: What would you like to achieve in the upcoming years and why?

A: The main goal of Soundzipper has always been about good sound. The problem with sound is that it is not visible to us and true to the proverb “Out of sight, Out of mind”, most people forget it is there.

I believe in a future where sound quality and quality of life are inseparable. Similar to when Henry Ford invented the Model T and created the first affordable automobile, Soundzipper aims to invent the “Model T” of sound.

Acoustic Engineer

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