Autism and noise sensitivity : how to create a safe and sound aural environment

How does autism affect people? Certain sounds can cause distress to many people. Just think about loud traffic noise, high pitched microphone feedback, sirens. nails scraping a surface etc. Most of us have difficulties processing this sensorial information. Luckily, most of these sounds are not constant. Now imagine that for some people, who are having…

Tena Lazarevic

blog writer

An architect, sound artist, and music lover. Mostly guided by intuition and interested in exploring the borders of architecture.



Acoustic Issues: Schoolchildren’s Learning Disabilities

Common schoolchildren’s disabilities can be caused by a number of  serious issues that continuously happen to many students in Singapore. The role of acoustics are often not considered because we aren’t aware or neglect it. This blog post will help you break the ice! Introduction Schoolchildren’s learning disabilities are more prominent in schools than we actually think….

Johnny Lee

Johnny Lee


Soundzipper's lonely resident hipster music lover. Doesn't stop him from belting over a design and science of a good sounding room though!



The Untold Benefits Of Acoustic Applications In Architecture (Part 2)

Can you recover in an environment that doesn’t even allow you to sleep properly? How about trying to pay attention in a class where you can barely hear half of what the lecturer is saying? 

Jordan Chia

Jordan Chia

Musician and Founder of Pixel Apartment

A multi-instrumentalist, producer and audio engineer, involved in many recording projects and performances in recent years, also a regular performing musician, playing keyboards, electric bass and singing in Pixel Apartment and MUON in many festivals.