Anshuman Roy: Diverse influences drive this young architect

Anshuman Roy’s eclectic take on traditional spatial design On any given day, you might find architect Anshuman Roy immersed in a heady concoction of earworms that transcend genres and timelines. Everything from early jazz, to blues rock, classical music and then some. Next, a look at his playlist will reveal musicians like Canned Heat, Pink…

Jenna Spinelle

Acoustic Storyteller

Writer and music lover from the United States. Excited to tell the world about the power of acoustics!



Concert Hall: How To Get The Perfect Acoustics (Part 1)

The modern quest for the perfect concert hall has been a story of accidents, misjudgement, and rethinking previously held beliefs. The advancement of acoustics has helped to shape concert halls that improve in the context of music performance. In this post, we will look at some acoustic problems associated with performances spaces and explore methods that…

Jordan Chia

Jordan Chia

Musician and Founder of Pixel Apartment

A multi-instrumentalist, producer and audio engineer, involved in many recording projects and performances in recent years, also a regular performing musician, playing keyboards, electric bass and singing in Pixel Apartment and MUON in many festivals.