Acoustics in the Control Centre: No Room for Error

control centre

The history of a control centre has proven to be crucial for many events. Whether it’s a computer data centre or an emergency response call centre, control rooms are places where every second count. As such, they need to be flawlessly designed and executed to allow professionals to do their jobs. Dannis Lo is one…

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Architectural Spaces – The wind chapel by Ryuichi Ashizawa

Architectural space

Architectural spaces, throughout history, have rarely been made with an idea of evoking the passage of time. On the contrary, Architecture with a capital A is there to last. In order to challenge the time, various durable materials and advanced structural methods were developed to outlive their users. Architecture as we know it is commonly…

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Press Release: Singapore National Stadium Acoustic Issues

National Stadium acoustics issues

The Soundzipper consultancy has taken the decision to make public its ability to bring relief to the long-term bad acoustics dilemma at the National Stadium in Singapore. National Stadium Acoustics Issues had been criticized over the recent Jay Chou Concert causing an uproar to many unhappy Singaporean fans who paid money and time to support…

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